Key feature list

Seamlessly manage your creative projects from initial conception right through to completion.

A complete creative workflow solution

Remove the need for a range of software solutions to manage your creative content. Ditch your project management tool,  proofing solution, file transferring system, team collaboration platform and your digital asset management software. You no longer need that complex tech stack!

Spheero brings all these products together in one platform that enables your teams to work smarter and faster; saving your business time and money, while improving communication and streamlining processes.

Proof, review and approve

Simplify your proofing, editing and creative collaboration.

Route your creative proofs and content directly from within Adobe Creative Cloud, and receive all comment back to the extension. You designers never have to log out of the CC application to check email threads or to download marked-up PDFs, the required changes are overlaid onto the original artwork.

Traffic management

Manage large projects and teams across multiple locations with ease.

Create job numbers, upload briefs, set deadlines, request assets, add users, and define their roles, and kick-start the creative design, proofing and review process. Using the traffic overview dashboard in Spheero, project managers can clearly see the status of all tasks and can filter information to suit their workflow.

Virtual teamworking

Collaborating virtually is nothing new, but learning how to manage it effectively is.

Spheero is specifically designed for creative and marketing teams to work online from anywhere, and at any time. It's laser-focused on automated routing, content direction, content trafficking, version proofing and open collaboration.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Designed to integrate deeply within Adobe Creative Cloud, think of Spheero as another member of your team, empowering you to seamlessly manage the creative process; from project creation, through the multi-layered proofing process, to the final deliverables.

Content creators and managers share creative work for review with unlimited collaborators in a couple of clicks, done online or through the two-way Adobe Creative Cloud extension.

Job tracking and task management

Manage clients, projects and jobs in one central location.

Keep all the important information together so you don’t lose track of your creative goals. Assign jobs to in-house designers, clients and even 3rd party creatives, and easily track the status and progression at each stage of the creative journey.

Audit and version control

Track and log every minute change, right down to a single space, giving you a fully reportable history on all changes and comments made throughout the creative process.

Every version of the proof is saved and stored in the document history with a revert option. Collaborators can view and compare all the previous comments, seeing what feedback designers provided for requested changes and when they took action to complete the task. It’s total clarity for all, underpinned with a safety net.

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